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Top-5 Lists

Best first date places

  1. I like to park once and have options: Fritti then walk over to Dad's Garage
  2. Figo or Taquieria on the Westside-then walk to Northside Tavern or Compound-depending on your mood.
  3. Eno then walk over to Churchill Grounds
  4. Pozole and then walk to any place in the highlands.
  5. The Earl-some bar food before walking over to East Side Lounge for some dancing or staying at the Earl for some live music.

Top Five New Years Resolutions

  1. Get in shape-yep, the old constant. Get your 20 minutes a day in and come have fun afterwards.
  2. Quite Smoking - Ha who are you kidding? How many times is this for you now?
  3. Take my career more seriously - If you are looking in the left column of this page you've already failed.
  4. Save Money - See Explanation above
  5. Find the one -I won't say this is impossible, but if you've been alone this long, there is most likley a good reason why.

Top 5 reasons that St. Patty's day is your favorite holiday

  1. An excuse to forget the commitments you made last month on Valentine's Day
  2. Green Beer and Green boobs, favorite color now green
  3. Less expensive than but more a chance to get lucky than any other holiday
  4. Relieving yourself in public now strangely acceptable
  5. Save yourself the trip to the shower in the morning by falling asleep in it the night before

Top 5 Summer Chills

  1. Piedmont Park go sit on the grass and enjoy-pretty soon the ban could be for you also
  2. Atlanta Braves When does Falcons season start?
  3. strong>Brewhouse always a great patio, even with those ugly fireplaces-aren't we in Atlanta?
  4. Park Tavern finally we can take down the plastic

Top Over-rated places in Atlanta

  1. The Underground - Panhandle Much?
  2. The Aquarium - Even the Whale Sharks commit suicide
  3. Stone Mountain - yep, the whole place
  4. The Flying Biscuit - three hours for a biscuit? nah!
  5. Braves Games - unless Boston, or the Mets are in town

Best Place to Pick up Chics

  1. Pick up Publix in the Vinings - Saturday morning never hurt so good
  2. Park Tavern - Sunday Funday! watch out for dog shit
  3. Darkhorse - the Highland's Meat Market
  4. Tavern at Phipps- if you can keep your eyes off the waitresses
  5. Post Chastain Pool on the weekend

Best Burger in Atlanta

  1. The Vortex - Little 5 or Downtown - and they'll tell you they hate you at the same time
  2. Ghetto Burger - Get there before noon, the last week of the month
  3. The Globe
  4. The Earl
  5. Jocks and Jills - Any of them

Top 5 places to slack off online at work

  1. MySpace- A place for browsing -
  2. The Onion - the world's only fake newspaper -
  3. College Humor - same site name, graduated humor -
  4. Miniclip - fun flash games, and all for free -
  5. Hot Chicks with Douchebags - an analysis of gorgeous ladies with ... well douchebags -

Best Places for beer and football

  1. Frankie's
  2. Jock's and Jill's on Peachtree
  3. Sidelines off 285
  4. Central City Tavern
  5. not the Georgia Dome

Top Five Valentine's Dates

  1. Kevin Rathbyn's Steak - Great steak but it's a pretty penny
  2. Bacchanalia - It is a nice quiet crowd, and the five courses are seductive
  3. Sage - Three course meal that won't kill ya
  4. Il Localino - You wouldn't believe if I told you-a must
  5. The Cheetah - is always a favorite- it may be cheaper than a date-well